Terbaik Knowledge Zenith HiFi Dual Dynamic Driver Earphones with Mic KZ-ZS1 Black Murah

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Tersedia: 4 Pcs

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Tersedia: 4 Pcs

Cheapest Double Driver Earphones

ZS1 built two independent professional pronunciation unit, respectively woofer and midrange tweeter unit. Cavity through sophisticated acoustic design, so that the two complementary advantages in terms of pronuncation unit. Futher exhibits a broader vocal range, level is more distinct full frequency music.

Professional Divider Circuit Design
ZS1 alseo incorporates professional divider circuit, independent, pronunciation unit for a specific frequency control. Can be precisely performance of music each band. In Addition to our current headphones have such a function, other headset not yet.Ergonomic Cavity Design
We configured the cavity ergonomic features as ZS1. Wear it to bring you the kind of comfort and sound insulation is the market most headsets can not match. Cavity mold using a high purity resin made transparent pan-black, more of a mystery.Design Patents
ZS1 design patent number: 2015302942258
Ergonomic ear radian own patented design, can greatly enhance the sound conduction properties, and thus enhance the sound quality.HD Capacitive Mic
Standard format adopted by international standards (ANSI), fully compatible with iphone, samsung, mi and other international standard difinition mobile phone calls.

108 Strands Core Lossless Transmission
ZS1 wire core by the 108 shares LC-OFC oxygen-free copper composition, and the use of advanced production technology dual surround the shield. Greatly improving the transmission of signals, conduction rate as high as 99.99999%, such wire Qian Yuanji following headset not seen used!Halo gan sis.. jangan TERTIPU dengan harga yang MURAH ya.. yang kami kirim adalah produk asli ORIGINAL dan yang Ori tentu sekali adalah dengan kualitas terjamin hanya di indopromo.net…

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