Big deals Knowledge Zenith Special Edition 7mm In-Ear Earphones Dual Magnetic Sound Unit with Microphone KZ-EDR1 Multi-Color Termurah

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Tersedia: 12 Pcs

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Tersedia: 12 Pcs

Excellent Headset with Enthusiasm

Knowledge Zenith EDR1 Special Edition 7mm double magnetic technology structure pronunciation unit, the highest level of performance with a magnet. IE800 same paragraph using the diaphragm, can produce an iron analytical skills competition.

Knowledge Zenith ED Special Edition comes standard with four sets imported from Japan fever LC-OFC wire, wire signal conduction rate not less than Furukawa silver wire. And professional-grade headphones was equipped with three balanced plug design.

Professional Harmonic Attenuation Technique
Headset reart mesh design can effectively counteract harmonic resonance, reducing headphones produce a sense of glitches during playback music, cavity back shock phenomenon. So the headphones sound more pure naiting.Independent Four Core Balance Plug Design
Balance the four wiring, left and right channels separately from groundtransport, and then set up dual exhibit cleaner, more wide range of sound field.ED Special Edition
Ring structure of magnetic technology with conventional pronunciation unit single Yuan, biggest difference is that it has the highest level of ferromagnetic able with Japanese imports of high polymer diaphragm. It does not require very professional drive device may also be perfect, since it has a close 120db abnormal sensitivity (traditional moving coil unit only 98db)7mm Double Magnetic
Dual magnetic structure to make it more than an ordinary magnetic speaker.Nearly Lossless Transmission of Wire
Unique products using the same level of 4 shares 56 core LFC all through the preparation of black wire (traditional ear only 14 core machine wire), with four professional grade balanced pins to the conduction rate of music to 99.9998%.Halo gan sis.. jangan TERTIPU dengan harga yang MURAH ya.. yang kami kirim adalah produk asli ORIGINAL dan yang Ori tentu sekali adalah dengan kualitas terjamin hanya di indopromo.net…

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